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It is important to wash your hair properly to maintain its beauty!

Firstly, soak entire hair and rinse out styling wax, dirt and oil etc. thoroughly from your hair.

Before Shampooing – for straightened, coloured and/or long hair

Apply treatment beforehand (only on the ends) to give it more protection and let it penetrate into the hair.

Shampoo – shampoo your scalp, not the actual hair itself

It is much kinder to apply shampoo bubbles to your hair rather than applying the shampoo itself directly to your hair.

We recommend you use an empty bottle: put a small amount of shampoo into the bottle and mix with some hot water. Shake well and apply the bubbles to the whole scalp and gently massage it with the fingertips.

Avoid rubbing or massaging the hair itself, as the foam generated is enough to cleanse the hair.

Rinse the foam out thoroughly.

Treatment – the treatment should be applied every time you shampoo your hair

Apply treatment on the ends of your hair (not the scalp) and leave it for about 15mins.

The treatment need this time to penetrate and repair any damaged hair. You should never rinse off the treatment completely at this stage.

side tableDrying


Firstly sponge up as much water as possible by wrapping hair in a towel gently.

Note that wiping off the water by rubbing vigorously with the towel will damage your hair

Blow–drying: It is the scalp that needs to be dried more than the ends of the hair

After towel-drying, use a hair dryer to dry the hair from the nape area and remember to blow downwards.

This way, the hair at the top will not over dry. To facilitate this method, use a hair clip for the top part of the hair and gradually dry in sections.

Avoid leaving the hair wet. The moisture left in the hair can cause it to become damaged.

Articles by Yuhei Kanda

Yuhei has written the following articles, which were originally published by Heartliner Club (formerly Pelican Club Europe). They have been translated from Japanese into English.

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