Ms. Cathy

I first came across the Yuko system for straightening hair about 15 years ago. It has saved me so much time and effort that I can’t imagine I will ever stop getting it done.

My hair in its natural state is quite unmanageable – curly, but not in a good way. Left to itself it turns into a mess every morning. I would always have to wrestle with it for half an hour to get it into any kind of shape and usually my efforts were not very effective. Every day was a “bad hair day”. For a short while I got it straightened with hair straighteners at a salon, which looked good, but it would have to be done roughly every week or so, and that got stupidly expensive very quickly.

Now I go to Yuhei’s salon once every six months. The process takes a few hours and then I can literally forget all about my hair for six months. It doesn’t even need combing in the morning. It effortlessly falls into place and looks professional. I don’t need to give it any thought at all.

I get the impression that because the Yuko process seems expensive people might hesitate, but it not only saves me enormous amounts of time, but also money, since I don’t need to worry about getting my hair cut in the meantime.

In all those years I have never found Yuhei and his team to be anything less than friendly, considerate and professional and it is always a pleasure to visit his salon.

London is a very busy, rushed and hurried place. Not having to worry about my hair gives me back a lot of time and takes some of the pressure off the daily grind. I would recommend the Yuko process to anyone who wishes that looking after their hair was quicker and less effort.

Ms Helen from Hampstead


My hair has always been unruly – no matter how much I tried to tame it! When I first came to Yuhei to have my hair cut he told me about the Yuko Hair Straightening system. Yuhei took a lot of care to explain the process to me and what it involves.

After trying the Yuko system I was immediately struck by the improvement in the condition of my hair. I haven’t used my straighteners since – even on the most stubborn parts of my hair. My hair is so much sleeker, yet still retains a bit of bounce and body.

Coming to the Yuhei salon is an absolute pleasure and I’m always happy to while away a few hours in the calm and serene surroundings.

Ms Alex and her family from Hampstead

Ms Alex and family

I love having my hair cut by Yuhei, he is sensitive and relaxed which always makes feel comfortable.

My sister, mother and boyfriend also get there hair cut at Yuhei, and I always look forward to seeing how great they look when they come back from a haircut.

The environment is calm, beautiful and chic, all the details make the salon such a wonderful environment to be in.

I like the fact that Yuhei listens to what you wish and also gives his opinion, and then takes his time whilst he’s cutting your hair. At no point do you feel that he is rushing you in anyway. I always feel relaxed and glamorous when I leave the salon.

Ms Andrea from North London


I’ve got naturally curly hair which, despite all my efforts to straighten it with heating tongs, would become curly and eventually frizzy when I stepped outside. Years of ruining my hair with heat took their toll and, frustrated, I looked into the Yuko system treatment.

I first met Yuhei over six years ago and haven’t allowed anyone else to touch my hair since. His advice is always based on what’s best for your hair, and not his wallet – if he thinks you don’t need it, or shouldn’t have the treatment on a certain part of your hair, he will say so.

The Hampstead salon is an added bonus. Its bright, airy environment and the attentive service of Yuhei and his wife can’t be faulted. The treatment takes a few hours, but they pass very quickly because you’re never without an offer of food, drink and reading materials. Spending time in the salon is a really relaxing experience in itself.

The treatment means the days of spending an hour doing my hair are long gone. Now I can just jump into the shower, blast my hair with the dryer and I’m ready to go. My hair’s condition has actually improved significantly, and is shiny and not dry because I don’t need to use hair straighteners. The treatment puts a lot of natural nutrients back in. Look at Yuko as an investment in yourself. I now can’t do without it.

Mr Yamada and his family living in Hampstead

Mr Yamada and family

I came to know Yuhei hair salon from my wife who happened to be a friend of Reiko. I am very comfortable with the atmosphere of the salon and I now come here with my whole family.

I have experienced a few hair salons in the past, but I can assure you that this one will not let you down. It could probably be said that hair salons managed by Japanese generally stand out because of the way they treat their customers, their commitment to satisfy them. I think it comes from the Japanese mentality.

Amongst the Japanese hair salons here in London, Yuhei, recently opened, is now my family’s favourite. It is very family friendly.

Ms Susanne from South West London


I travel across London to Yuhei as I know he will take good care of the condition of my hair.

I have fine, thin hair which is easily damaged by heat and processing and needs restyling every day.

However, since Yuhei has looked after my hair, for the first time in my life I have long sleek hair, which remains in good condition, despite regular colouring and straightening. It’s so low maintenance, I only spend a few minutes blowdrying, no need for straighteners. It saves me hours compared to my previous regime. I am delighted.

Ms Gemma from Cardiff


I have been coming to Yuhei for my Yuko treatment since 2003 and I am always really happy with the results.

My natural hair has always been extremely thick, frizzy and unmanageable. I tried everything from home straightening to salon perms to get it straight but they all made my hair even drier and every time I washed my hair it would be a battle to get it anywhere near tame again.

Since coming to Yuhei, that has all changed and now I can literally wash and go – I don’t even need to use a hair dryer or straighteners every time!

Although the Yuko system is brilliant, the reason I get such good results is the care and attention Yuhei pays to my hair, ensuring he puts moisture back throughout the process so that when it is done my hair is not only straight but soft and silky too.

This can all take a good couple of hours, but the salon is a bright, airy and relaxing place to be and Yuhei always makes sure the results are perfect.

For the first time in my life I am able to grow my hair long and it feels great!

Ms Stephanie from South London


Experience in Yuhei Salon could be said as a ideal place to do your hair.

You can totally trust his skill from his experience from Yuko and all the procedure and products for the hair straightening was super.

Salon was decorated with warm white color and home like atmosphere as well as was kept very clean and neat , probably from Japanese tradition.

I find quite pleasant to be able to book whenever you like most of the time and nice confirmation return call to make you commit your appointment.

The salon is located very close to the tube could be a good reason to go to Yuhei comfortably.

Ms Bhavna from Kingsbury


I have been doing Yuko Hair Straightening on my hair now for about seven years and from the very day I discovered it, I have never looked back!!!

My natural hair is very hard to manage, curly, course, wiry, bushy and reacts badly with both rain and humidity so as you can imagine my only dream was to be able to have nice manageable smooth, silky, shiny hair like all the other women you see walking around with fantastic hair.

Then came my discovery of Yuko a revolutionary hair straightening system that enabled me to have the hair I had always desired and of course the Best Hair Dresser in the world Yuhei Kanda the only one who I can trust to always make my hair look so fabulous!!!

I can not describe to you how amazing the results are. Nowadays I have such soft, straight, sleek, healthy looking hair which doesn’t take me hours to style like it use to. I can literally just wash and go and you too can have the same results if you go with Yuko at Yuhei’s!!!