Yuhei Hair Salon Greeting 2023

Dear valued customers,

Thank you very much for your loyalty to Yuhei Hair Salon.

With your continuous support, we have celebrated the 15th anniversary of our salon’s opening. We are always pleased to have you, and all of us at Yuhei Hair Salon will continue to make every effort to provide you even greater service.

We would like to announce our hair salon closing dates for this holiday.

Please kindly check the closing dates below:

From Sunday 24th December 2023 until Monday 8th January 2024

We will reopen our hair salon on Tuesday 9th January at 10 am and respond to all enquiries during the holiday time in order.

We wish you a delightful holiday season and a happy and peaceful New Year.

We look forward to seeing you and sharing lots of happiness with you next year!

Yuhei Hair Salon



おかげ様で、Yuhei Hair Salonは15周年を迎えることができました。Yuhei Hair Salonをお引き立ていただき、誠にありがとうございます。スタッフ一同、いっそう皆様のお役に立てるよう尽力して参りますので、これからもどうぞよろしくお願いいたします。


年末年始休業 2023年12月24日 (日) ~ 2024年1月8日 (月)

2024年1月9日 (火) 10 : 00より通常営業





新年も皆様とたくさんの幸せを共有できますことを心から楽しみにしております。今後ともYuhei Hair Salonをご愛顧いただけますよう、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

神田 雄平 Yuhei Kanda
神田 領子 Reiko Kanda
林 澪奈 Reina Hayashi


Dear Customers,

We hope everyone is being able to spend their usual, peaceful days. Along the lines of the new governmental guidance, the salon will reopen on Monday 12th April 2021.

11th March 2020, it’s been a year since the pandemic announcement. Also it has been 10 years from the catastrophic event that shook Japan. Although these has happened in the past our home country has a date in March where they celebrate the onset of spring.

By thanking all life and nature, family and friends gather to pray and remember the loved ones who passed away. They make offerings like Ohagi (sticky rice with sweet red bean paste) and red bean rice. It is great fun making ohagi with children and watching them become messy while eating. From the past, people believed that the colour red of the red beans had power to keep evil spirits away. By this they showed their gratitude and hoped for the best in the future.

As the seasons gradually changes, flowers bloom and the birds starts to sing. The sudden weather changes can affect our health so people in Japan tend to keep warm and well by eating Soba, or Udon which is good for digestion. Now things have drained us to the point where we feel tired and hopeless. So please take care of yourselves physically and emotionally.

Soon the magnolia will start blossoming under the sun.

From bottom of our hearts, we wish you the best, too keep safe and hope the power of love will eventually lead to euphoria.

Have a great day
See you soon.

Important notice from below:

From April the salon will reopen.
Regarding the reopening, please make sure to check our new system:

Since the reopening from last year, we have only been taking appointments from regular customers. However, from the beginning of April, booking reservations for new customers will be available.

From the one in one out system it has changed to Two in Two out system so more customers are available but this will be still under the safety guidance to ensure everyone’s safety. (One family can be booked all at the same time).

For new customers, we request a photo consultation by email to check what is required for your hair. Booking will only be accepted by email. We will not accept any other method of booking for the time being. The salon will contact you with the time and date to secure the slot.

For confirmation, you will have to pay a deposit of £200 for YUKO Hair Straightening, £100 for Anti-frizz, and/or 50% of the fee for other treatments by bank transfer or over the phone to complete your booking. This should be completed within 2 days. If this is not completed within the time limit, your reservation will be automatically cancelled and other customers will be prioritized.

【Cancellation and date changes】

For cancellation and date changes please make sure to contact us 2 weeks before your appointment. Please note that if we are not contacted at least 2 weeks before your appointment, the deposit cannot be refunded. Additionally, if you arrive more than 30 minutes late, your appointment will be cancelled and your deposit will not be refunded. The lockdown deposit will be kept until the next appointment but please contact us if you need a refund.

【Product sales】

We are still selling products, so if there is anything you need, please contact us when booking. We will make sure to have it ready for you when you visit us. If you are only planning to buy our products, please email us with the product you require, time and date you wish to pick it up. We will contact you after checking the stock and confirm the specific time and date with you.
You can also purchase online at: https/

We apologize for the inconvenience if there are any difficulties, but we assure you this is to keep everyone safe and happy. We will do our best to support you, so please do not hesitate to contact us.


We will reconfirm your contact details (phone number, email address, etc) to make sure there are no mistakes.

【Precautions when visiting the salon】

-Please make sure you are in good health when visiting us
-Please wear a mask when entering the salon (we may ask you to remove it during the treatment as it may get in the way)
-We will ask you to use hand sanitizer on entry
-Magazines and Drinks will not be served due to hygiene considerations. Instead, we will have plastic water bottles prepared and electronic magazines available for you to download.

Thank you all for your kindness, patience and understanding. We are all looking forward to seeing you soon. We wish you all the best.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Yuhei Hair Salon




同じく3月に日本には 春分の日という祝日がございます。




<営業日時>   火曜日〜土曜日 10時〜18時



サロンより、ご予約日時ご確認のご連絡をいたします。ご都合よろしければ、YUKO Hair straighteningの場合£200、そのほかの施術の場合は施術代金の約50%のデポジットお預かりを銀行振込、もしくはお電話でさせていただきます。



Yuhei Hair Salon(Hampstead)にて、店頭販売もいたしております。



Yuhei Hair Salon スタッフ一同

Going Straight – Yuhei Kanda in The Salon Magazine

fuente logo


Yuhei now uses FUENTE colouring products. (

FUENTE products are specially imported from Holland.

Tierra colours by FUENTE are the basis for natural hair colouring. This colouring provides for a warm, authentic, intense and expressive look, especially friendly for hair and scalp.

Countless colour variations and blending tints provide for a sparkling, original, colourful and shiny effect. It goes without saying that the final result covers 100% of grey hair. The complete colour spectrum of Tierra Colours – including the blending tints – is made up of 84 colour variants. All providing optimum cover and protection. FUENTE: The colours of nature.

Some of the products in the range are ammonia-free. Please ask for more details at your consultation.

spa mist


New from Japan – the Takara Belmont Spa Mist

Delicate SPA MIST works very gently as well as powerfully. This is a new form of relaxating hair and scalp care. English weather and hard water could damage your hair but SPA MIST gives back your hair moisture and revives your hair. SPA MIST efficiently removes dirty and greasy residues from home hair care products, and makes your hair and scalp clean so the treatment effect will last longer.

  • Spa Mist counteracts London’s hard water
  • Removes scale left behind by hard water
  • Improves treatment
  • Opens the pores, softens keratin and dirt allowing deeper cleansing
  • For colour/permed hair
  • Pure water, chemical free
  • Creates a sense of warmth and relaxation
  • £15 supplement