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Yuhei now uses FUENTE colouring products. (

FUENTE products are ammonia free and organic. They are specially imported from Holland.

Tierra colours by FUENTE is the basis for natural hair colouring. This colouring provides for a warm, authentic, intense and expressive look, especially friendly for hair and scalp. Tierra is an ammonia-free line of colours made up as much as possible of natural elements.

Countless colour variations and blending tints provide for a sparkling, original, colourful and shiny effect. It goes without saying that the final result covers one hundred percent of grey hair. The complete colour spectrum of Tierra Colours – including the blending tints – is made up of 84 colour variants. All providing optimum cover and protection. FUENTE: The colours of nature.

Products by FUENTE are rich in everything that makes nature in its purest form so very beautiful. The result is a hair fashion line that exudes pampering luxury and sustainability. FUENTE is also created from a pure source of natural elements.

  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Ammonia-free, so very gentle to hair and scalp
  • Can be applied to all types of hair
  • Contains aloe vera, comfrey, orange, grapefruit, and vitamins E and C
  • Gives perfect colouring without using ammonia and covers 100% of grey hair
  • Light up to four levels
  • Nutures the hair and provides for a natural gloss

spa mistSPA MIST

New from Japan – the Takara Belmont Spa Mist

Delicate SPA MIST works very gently as well as powerfully. This is a new form of relaxating hair and scalp care. English weather and hard water could damage your hair but SPA MIST gives back your hair moisture and revives your hair. SPA MIST efficiently removes dirty and greasy residues from home hair care products, and makes your hair and scalp clean so the treatment effect will last longer.

  • Spa Mist counteracts London’s hard water
  • Removes scale left behind by hard water
  • Improves treatment
  • Opens the pores, softens keratin and dirt allowing deeper cleansing
  • For colour/permed hair
  • Pure water, chemical free
  • Creates a sense of warmth and relaxation
  • £15 supplement