photo of yuheiWhatever the problem you have with your hair – damage created by the climate, water, hair products or procedures that you have experienced in the past. Perhaps you simply don’t know what is causing the problem with your hair.

At “Yuhei”, we always take a long term view of your hair, both condition and style. Our primary focus is to enable you to have healthy silky hair that you feel great about, yet with the style you want.

To achieve these superb results we import all our professional and home-care products from Japan, developed with the intention of maintaining healthy hair and manufactured without the harsh chemicals commonly used in hair products. Consequently, it minimizes damage to your hair and at the same time we lavish your hair with reconditioning treatments which replenish your hair with essential nutrients.

Please come in for a consultation. With our wealth of knowledge and experience we can diagnose your current hair condition and our advanced skills will then bring you a style all of your own.

Home care products are now available at www.yuko-europe.com

Yuhei has recently been featured in Marie Claire